Plastic, plastic, plastic. In the last few years, this word has started to become a predominant part of our everyday life, and finally, thanks to this widespread we are more and more aware of the great consequences that CO2 emissions and plastic have on a global level.

An important factor to take into consideration is the current lifestyle that has led to a staggering increase of plastic consumption, such as single-portion products, and the development of certain packs that remind us of Russian dolls due to the excessive packaging.

There are already solutions that allow recycling plastic in order to recreate the same raw material, to create other products (for instance clothes), or to decrease the number of plastic packaging.

As consumers, when we choose a certain product, we should be more aware of the environmental impact impact that that product has on our planet’s health. In relation to this, there are some univocal criteria that help us understand the consequences that our choices can have on our environment. The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) focuses on the assessment and on the analysis of the environmental impact of a product, service and activity during the entire life cycle. Thanks to this analysis we have the tools to understand concretely how our choices can be guided and conscious even before buying.

Vending machines and the away from home consumption market are mainly related to the consumption of cups, water bottles and other beverages. But even when it comes to vending machines, we can find sustainable alternatives related to food and beverages consumptions, such as bioplastic. Sustainable solutions that can really help us change the negative consequences of plastic on our environment. Therefore, a conscious choice leads to a drastic but efficient solution. Nevertheless, we should also take into consideration that the business related to the world of plastic and petroleum is very complicated to demolish completely.

We don’t have to give up, because there is a solution to every problem! And this can change thanks to you. As PIÚINFORMA Association we have the key to the solution! Thanks to a conscious and focused choice we are getting closer and closer to the solution of this problem.