The sustainability in vending services is a responsibility that our generation has towards young people and the environment.
Bontorin thanks to the support of several and accredited, both productive and professional partners,
made all of this possible.

PIÚINFORMA Association

This association has been active since 2011 throughout national and European territory. Its main goal is to encourage consumers towards the adoption of more healthy lifestyles and to carry out environmentally friendly practices. By doing so, we can develop a sustainable living culture that embraces more aspects of our everyday life. Through information and practical activities, we encourage behaviours such as mindful consumption and sustainable waste management.


Bontorin trademark has been operating for more than 25 years in the “away from home” consumption market, ensuring every company and client of professionalism. Our mission consists in the research of innovative products and services in accordance with the continuous developments of the needs of the market and of the consumer. All of this, of course, by paying particular attention to the impact that these products and services have on the environment.


It is a sustainable format designed and run by BONTORIN&CO. S.r.L, that has been operating in the vending services and mass catering market for more than 25 years.
Our proposals represent years of experience and several partnerships with important producers who share our values and pay a lot of attention to the impact that their products have on consumers’ health and on our environment.


PIÚINFORMA Association in addition to its social media, also communicates through its Web Channel; the very first one, where you can find whatever you need to satisfy your curiosity: pictures, videos, events and especially the “#informazionesenzalimiti” section (this section has a positive feedback on the Association’s Facebook page). In addition to its Web Channel, social media and printed material, PIÚINFORMA Association also communicates through newsletters.


It is a European level registered trademark, and its goal is the dissemination, the recognition and the visibility of products that are generally considered as “healthy”. All of this in order to benefit consumers. It is a clear message that helps consumers to easily identify the products that are more suitable for their needs. This even before reading commercial messages and labels that often are not well-displayed.


It is a European level registered trademark, and its goal is the dissemination, the recognition and the knowledge of the food chain and of the ingredients. Of course, always in order to benefit consumers. A strict procedural guideline determines the criteria to obtain 10+EQUO trademark; by doing so, we provide a social and sustainable identity. To us, equity not only is towards producers or farmers but also towards consumers.


Breaks are an important moment for us to reorganize our thoughts, and they are very important for our body as well. CAFFÈRIKKO includes everything related to the importance of staying healthy through the consumption of these delicious products. You can find many specialties, such as: coffee, tea, hot chocolate and vegetable milk. All of these products are made with controlled and selected raw materials for the consumer’s well-being.


It is an innovative online shop devoted to all of those who take care of their well-being and the one of the environment that surrounds us. Thanks to these choices these consumers see in this conscious food choice an efficient solution with a strong impact in order to achieve these goals. 10piùshop goes beyond the ordinary definition of shop.
In order to really improve your well-being, visit our shop.